San Diego Wedding Calligraphy

There are so many elements to your wedding and so many details including small and large. We realize that you probably would like those little special touches incorporated into every possible moment and aspect of your wedding. This includes everything from your reception food to your entertainment to your flowers to your jewelry. Even your invitations deserve something that will set them apart. Keep in mind that your wedding invitation is the first glimpse that many of your invited guests will have of your impending nuptials. And you can really personalize your invitations when you hire a professional calligrapher to hand write all of your invitations and envelopes. You can take this as far as you want it to go. Perhaps a custom monogram, a favorite pattern, or just that beautiful cursive format that you absolutely love. Whatever you choose to do, you can add your own handmade flair that makes your invitations something very personal with your touch. We realize that most of your vendor searches are unique and probably not something you have done before, so with that said, your first step will be to search the San Diego area for potential candidates. Once you have found a few, your next step is to take this guide with you when you speak with your candidates because you will find the tips and questions provided to be invaluable.

So, first step, find some candidates that you want to interview for your calligraphy job. There are a few places that will potentially yield some excellent candidates. One source that many people do not think about are wedding vendors. If you have already hired some of your other wedding vendors, ask them if they are familiar with any quality calligraphers that they could recommend. Also, don't forget about the people near and dear to you. Ask your family, friends and coworkers if they have ever hired a professional calligrapher or know of anyone who has. Lastly, do a Google search for “calligraphers in the San Diego area.” You might be amazed at how many results come back. This might seem like it will consume some time and it will, but if you can at least go through about 25 candidates and check out their websites and portfolio, you may find that someone really catches your eye. However it all plays out, by the end of your search, you should have a number of potential calligraphers that will be worthy of further investigation.

So, the next step is to call up each one of your candidates and ask them when would be a good time to meet. As you sit across for a potential candidate sipping on a latte, find out how long they have done calligraphy and where they received their training. Take a look at their portfolio of work they have done for previous clients. Do you like their style, can you see them working for you and making out your invitations. Ask them how long it would take for them to complete your invitations. They may have a number of clients ahead of you in terms of the work they have to accomplish so you also might want to ask about rush orders if that is even possible.

Obviously, you will need to talk about the cost. This usually is determined by a number of factors so make sure that you have shared everything you can with the potential candidate. Also, ask each candidate how many extra envelopes they will need for the purpose of possible mistakes. Whoever you end up choosing, make sure that a contract is written up with all of the details.

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