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As you plan your wedding and make decisions on each aspect of your big day, you have no doubt run into the whole tradition versus non-tradition debate. Some people are sticklers about having to follow tradition to the letter. There are other brides who could not care less about tradition but who would rather put their own personalized stamp on things. It is really up to you and everything will be determined by your style and your wants. This will certainly come into play when it comes to your wedding jewelry because there are rules that have governed the wearing for jewelry for who knows how long. Well placed jewelry can really accentuate your dress and you. What the experts would deem a wedding blunder might be a wonderful creative decision for you. Again, it all just depends on your outlook and what you believe. The San Diego area has some absolutely wonderful jewelry store so you shouldn't have any problems finding what you want. The key will be what you want to wear and how you want to wear it. So, that being said, here are some wedding jewelry rules that you might agree with or disagree with. It doesn't hurt to know these rules, it is just up to you if you follow them.

Many brides wonder about whether everything they wear should match. The answer is no. The rule is that as long as everything looks cohesive, it doesn't matter if it all matches. In fact, this might be your opportunity to incorporate something borrowed with something new. Maybe you have your grandma's brooch or your mom's necklace. Don't wear a necklace with an asymmetrical gown. At least that is the rule. If you are wearing a headpiece with earrings, the unwritten rules say to consider proportion and the finish against the line and style of your gown. Many of the experts also say to now wear a watch in any way, shape or form.

In addition, many people worry about mixing finishes of their bridal jewelry. And one thing you will always be told is to not over-accessorize. This from the group of people that believe that less is more. There are also unwritten rules about incorporating color into your jewelry. These rules state that the hues that you choose should match or compliment your wedding color scheme. There is also a debate as to whether you should only wear high priced heirloom jewelry or if you can get away with cheaper pieces.

If you read many blogs or articles that are written by people who write about weddings for a living, you will find a huge contingent that rail against any kind of DIY accessorizing when it comes to jewelry. And when it comes to changing up for your reception, you will have those who rave that you should never do this, that your look should always be consistent. We say that all of this is purely subjective. Sure, paying attention to some tradition is not a cardinal sin, but considering that this is your wedding and that you should have the freedom to make your own personal statement and to feel like your own stamp is on this special moment, we applaud you for thinking outside of the box and enjoying your special day with your own special flair.

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