San Diego Wedding Valet Parking

Luxury and elegance, these are the two words that come to mind when we think of valet parking service. Talk about convenience and security all wrapped up in one ball. One of the great things about planning a wedding is being able to make sure that all of your guests are treated like a VIP. And let's face it, there is really nothing like pulling up to an event and being greeted by a professional service as they open your door and escorts you to the front door. Also, you will rest easy knowing that your car will be professionally parked in a safe place and will remain secure until you have to leave. Your guests will appreciate your effort and the special touch. And at the same time, they will have a memorable experience. So, to make this happen, you will need to start searching the San Diego area for valet parking services. After you have gathered a few candidates to check out, print this guide and be ready to investigate each candidate on an individual basis.

You need to find some candidates to check out. We recommend that you start your research by asking your family, friends and coworkers about any experiences they may have had with valet parking. Hopefully, you find someone that has had a great experience. If you do, track down who provided the service and start a list of potential candidates. You should also do a Google search for “valet parking in the San Diego area.” This search should return several results that you will want to check out in depth. Pull up some of the company websites and figure out which ones are professional and need to be further investigated. One more potential source are your wedding vendors that you already have a relationship with. They more than likely will have some candidates that are worth checking into as well.

Once you have your list of at least 3 to 5 candidates, setup some days and times to meet with each one to talk about what they might be able to do for your wedding. Now, there are some things that you definitely need to know. One question that you will want to ask almost immediately is whether the valet service is fully licensed and insured. We even urge you to ask for a valid copy of proof of this because it is so very important. Depending on where your parking lot is, find out if you need to acquire any additional permits in order to have the valet company there.

Let each candidate know how many guests you are expecting. How many attendants will they provide. What if you wanted to hire additional attendants? What would the rate be? Is there enough parking at the venue? If possible, take pictures of the parking area. Of course, the big question of the day is how much the service will cost you. We wish you well with picking out the perfect service for your wedding and once you have them in the fold, enjoy your big day knowing that this special touch is a part of it.

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